Frequently asked questions

How does Credabill work?
Credabill allows your home improvement business to offer monthly finance to your customers. You create a quote on your dashboard, send it off via SMS and Email and when your customers receives it it will give your customer an option to spread the cost, between 2-10 years!
How much can I quote for?
With Credabill, you can quote jobs £1000 up to £25,000.
When do I get paid?

Once you have completed the job, all you need to do is login to your Credabill dashboard, navigate to that specific job and click “Request Payout”. The payment process will then be initiated and usually the funds will be in your account the day following you customers confirmation of job completion.

How quickly can I get setup?

You can get started with Credabill straight away by creating a free pay as you go account

How quick is a finance decision?

Both yourself and the customer will receive a decision within seconds. You will receive real-time notifications and your dashboard will be updated to reflect this.

Does my customer need to pay a deposit?

Credabill does not require a deposit from your customer. If you need one, you can request this with your customer and they can choose to pay a deposit via Credabill which will be released to you.

Do I need to be authorised by the FCA?

When you become a member of Credabill, you will become an Introducer Appointed Representative (an IAR for short). This means that we take care of all the compliance for you, so you can get on with what you do best, and do not need to worry about being directly authorised by the FCA

How do I get in touch with Credabill?

The easiest and quickest way to be connected with a Credabill member support agent is by clicking on to your chat function within your dashboard. You will be connected with an agent straight away and you will be able to begin the conversation. If you need a call that’s fine as well, just ask us to call you and we will.

Or book an intro call with our team to find out more…