About Credabill

Find out about Credabill as a company. What we believe in, our key values and the mission that we are on to make the world of home improvement finance a fairer place

about credabill
When we founded Credabill, we set out to build a platform that would allow every home improvement business to offer monthly payment finance options when quoting a job.

We developed a cloud based platform that enables job quotes to be created in seconds, and sent to a customer displaying clear and transparent payment options including monthly finance and secure debit and credit card transactions.

Our platform is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority and ensures fairness and compliance, for both users and customers of users.

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe that all home improvement providers who are credible (pun intended), should be able to offer their customers finance options at the point of sale. If your a home improvement provider and you fit the bill you can read more about how it works here

We also believe that every home improvement customer should be given a transparent choice of ways to pay once they have been quoted for a home improvement

Our Three Key Values


One of the key components to keeping Credabill safe is by making sure that all of our systems and processes remain fully compliant. Our technology has been specifically designed to ensure complete protection to consumers from malpractice and mis-selling.


We are constantly developing our system and processes to stay compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority, Information Commissioners Office & GDPR.


We strongly believe in customers being treated fairly. Because of this, any quote which is created on our platform will automatically present the customer with every possible option available to them. This ensures transparency and allows the customer to make an informed decision on their purchase.

Credabill is authorised and regulated by the FCA